About Us – Best Face Forward Makeup Studio

Best Face Forward Makeup Studio is an On-Demand Beauty Concierge providing services in New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.

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    On-Demand Beauty Concierge

    Whether you are a Bride-to-be and want your whole squad to shine, going to a special event and want to turn heads or have a big presentation at the office and want a one-on-one makeup lesson to assure you look your best, Best Face Forward is here to help you slay for any occasion.

    Who We Are

    Since 2009, The Best Face Forward team have inspiring women to look fierce while caring for their natural beauty.

    Our team of BFF Beauty Professionals are there whenever you need a brush with glamour. Every BFF Beauty Professional is highly skilled and hand-selected to assure a top-notch service. When you book with us, you don’t book an artist you book an entire beauty team.

    Are You Ready To Slay?

    Need a makeup artist or hair stylist? We’ve got you covered.
    Booking is easy and done in less than 5 minutes!